Saturday, April 30, 2011

I am a Princess!

What is it about the British Royalty that captures the attention of so many Americans?  Do we still consider ourselves cousins to the British?  I know there are royal families in many countries but it is the faces of the British Monarchy that we all recognize.

I did not get up early to watch the wedding.  In fact, until I turned on the TV yesterday I was thinking the wedding was to be today.  Deep down I believed myself to be a bit superior to those who were making such a big deal about strangers. However, once I turned on the TV I admit watching long enough to see and admire the dress and to smile when the couple came out riding in the convertible.  I'd been sucked in! 

Our son, Sam, caught me watching.  He went into a rant (this is one of his favorite pastimes so don't take it too seriously) about how William and Kate got to be so famous without having to do anything.  Even Lindsey Lohan was at least in a movie!  I agreed with him.  William became famous for just being born, something we've all done!

At that point, though, I had to admit that I wanted to watch more of the action happening in far-away England.  I like to think I am a logical person and this seemed illogical so I then tried to think up justification for this interest.

This is what I came up with... 

1) Everybody wants to believe in "Happily Ever After". 

2) Every little girl grows up hearing fairy tales of ordinary little girls growing up to become princesses.  Deep down we wonder how we would have handled such a transformation.

3) The World is full of sad/bad news, why not just enjoy this? 

Then, I heard the insinuation that as a Child of God, I am also royalty.  It makes sense, child of the King.... Princess...  Yes!  I knew it!  I AM a Princess!

Last night we went to a small gathering of friends and one of the women brought these rings for each of us princesses! 

I thought it was pretty funny!  But you know what?  I kind of like it.  I think it looks good on me.  I'm wearing it again today!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Only 1 Day Left!

My son-in-law, E.K. Wimmer, is one of the most talented and creative people I've ever met!  He can do practically anything!  He is a talented photographer, a drummer, plays base on our church's worship team, artist, comedian, and the list could go on and on.  He just isn't afraid to try new things.  I love that about him!

He's currently in a contest to be eligible for a funding prize that he could use for a future film project.  This first round of the contest is solely based on public votes (that's where you come in) and only the top 10 get to go onto the next phase of being assessed by the judges.  Right now Eric's film is in 11th place!   Oh man, SOOOOOO Close!  He hasn't lived in Wyoming that long so doesn't have the name recognition yet here. 

Can you help him?  Go to  to vote.  If this is your first visit you will have to sign-up, go to your e-mail to verify, and then bop back to vote.  You vote by clicking on the stars.  I hope you'll want to give him a 5!

I thank you for taking the time to help.  You can vote today (Thursday) and again tomorrow.  I really appreciate it!

And did I mention his birthday is this week-end?  I'm just saying...

Good-bye Dora!

OK, I already admitted to everyone that I still had bits of Dora the Explorer wallpaper in the room where I make things for Wyoming Rose Boutique.  Actually, it is a border I guess, that goes up about 3 feet.  The upper part of the walls are lavender with blotchy clouds dabbed all over.  Like I said, I started peeling wallpaper the day we arrived, while waiting for the truck to bring our possessions.  Well, once the truck arrived I got involved in unloading and shaking our possessions into place (I always imagine shaking the house from the outside until things settle into place.)  The Dora room was an extra room, serving as a guest room and catch-all for 6 1/2 years.  Somehow, I never got back to it.  Maria occasionally picked at the wallpaper when they visited us, before they moved to Wyoming, but mostly Dora was ignored.

Last Fall, when it became apparent that I could not maintain my nursing job because of my digestive problems, I started sewing and making jewelry more.  I got back into crocheting and other crafts.  I'm in that room a lot now and I have to say that I'm a little tired of the Dora look.

This Winter, I received some boxes of fabric and crafts that belonged to my Grandma Rose.  I didn't have anywhere to put it all and I started making a double layer in front of the shelves where I had yarn and fabric.  It has reached the point where I can't shut the door to that room fast enough!  How did this happen?  I am a person who appreciates order and neatness!  I hated how it looked and I hated how hard it is to find anything in there now.  It made it so hard to feel creative.

Yesterday, I started!  I have removed the paper from 2 walls and have already painted the first coat on those 2 walls.  I've purchased a shelving system and I am feeling inspired!  I feel a bit of my old energy and I like it!

This picture is hard to see but I like to start painting jobs in our home by leaving a little message for Mike on the wall.  I like knowing that message is always under the coats of paint.  Weird, I know.

Hopefully, I will soon be showing you pictures of a pleasantly ordered room.  We no longer have the guest bed in that room so it is all for me and my projects.  That's really a dream come true!  Any thoughts what I should call this room?  Studio? Work Room?  Craft Room? Sue's Room?  Dora's Room? Wyoming Rose Room? Any clever ideas?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I staggered out of the bedroom this morning and glanced out the window over the kitchen sink.  I got a mug for my morning cup of decaf and suddenly, realizing it is almost May, snapped my attention back out the window.  Wait....What!?  Weren't we just outside raking and digging in the garden?

I had an epiphany!  There are really only two seasons, Winter and Summer.  The other two, Fall and Spring, are not really their own seasons at all.  They are just season wannabees.  Really, they are just episodes where Winter and Summer alternate days for a bit. 

I know, I know... we haven't had the worst Winter here.  That award goes to our friends back at our hometown of Turner, MT!  Yep, they've been slammed continually and it just doesn't stop.  I'm not sure they've even got to the period where Winter and Summer alternate days.  It sounds like they just keep getting more and more Winter!

I was thinking about some of the Winters I've experienced up there.  The first year my family moved there, my sophomore year of high school, the graduation ceremonies had to be postponed because most everyone was snowed in and we were enduring about a week with no power.  I thought that was kind of exciting at the time, but it did start to get a bit old when you had to melt snow to drink.  I was grateful we could melt snow to fill the toilet tank!

One year, when Mike and I were living on the farm, the big storm came even later!  Maria was just a toddler and we were stuck out on the farm for days on end.  School was already out for Summer break!  We had to reschedule Vacation Bible School.  After about a week of that we'd heard the roads were open and we were ready for our escape!  We loaded up Maria and our suitcases, Mike threw in his golf clubs as we were headed South to the tropical vacation get-away... Gillette, WY.

We didn't make exactly a clean get-away.  Just a few miles from home we found ourselves stuck.  We didn't have a shovel as our trunk was full of our vacation stuff.  That probably wasn't our smartest move.  I remember Mike trying to dig snow around the tires with his golf club!  That was kind of funny but I did NOT laugh.  Eventually, we were pulled out by kind neighbors with a tractor.  Yes, we did make it to Gillette and Mike did get to use his clubs appropriately.  All was well.

So, I guess I'll not whine about our little skiff of snow today!

How is the weather where you are?  Turner people, what's going on up there?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Babushka Dolls

We have had Cordelia hanging out at our house more than usual lately.  Our daughter and son-in-law just bought a house and are madly painting the interior in just a few day's time so they can move in.  It's been fun for us to spend more time with this fun little soul!

One of Cordy's favorite things to do with me is to play with the Babushka Dolls.  I looked them up on Wikipedia and found they can also be called Matryoshka Dolls or of course, Nesting Dolls.  You've seen these, right?  It is simply a set of look-alike little Russian girls made in descending sizes.  The cool thing is each nests into the size above itself.  When you put them all together you have what looks like just one doll. 
Cordy first shakes the biggest doll.  When she hears rattling, she knows there are more inside.  She likes to sit on my lap to do this but it can also be done on the stool in our living room.  We work through the revealing pretty quickly until we get to the last tiny doll.  When Cordy shakes that one (I know, I know, NEVER SHAKE A BABY!) she hears nothing and knows there are no more.  She announces, "Baby!" and almost instantly she says, "Aaaaaaagain!"  I love how she draws out that word.  I don't know why she says it that way but it does kind of add to the fun.  Cordelia has a LOT of stamina for this little game and we do it over and over and over and over and over.....

This routine is even more fun to me because the Babushka Dolls (say it out sounds cool and is much more fun to say than "nesting dolls") were a gift to me from an oncology patient.  This particular lady likes to travel and has done so sometimes when we thought she was probably too worn out to even go to the grocery store.  I admire her spirit!  She was in Russia and said that when she went into a little shop to buy these dolls, they had just run out.  Before she left the shop, though, a country woman came in, bringing a new batch of Babushka Dolls that she'd just made.  I love that some woman in rural Russia handmade these and they ended up being part of important playtime for a little girl in Wyoming!  I get the same joy when we make something for our Wyoming Rose Boutique and it ends up being sent to someone out of our country.  It just think it makes us all seem more related, more together in this experience of being human.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Recklessly Adventuresome

Last night as we were watching Cordelia play, Mike made a comment about how reckless Cordy is.  It's true!  On Saturday I had her over for quite awhile when her parents were painting in their new house.  It went very well but I had to catch her many times from hurting herself.  Then, just before their return, she decided to stand on one of the little plastic 1 cup size storage containers with which she was playing.  It turns out they really aren't good for that.  The plastic doo-hick-ee squirted out from under her feet backwards and she slammed forward to the floor right on her face!  I hate it when she is hurt!  Her parents arrived moments later to a teary-eyed girl who's upper lip looked like it might swell just in time for Easter pictures. 

Well, her face fared just fine and she looked adorable in her Easter dress from Grandma Carol.  To see the pictures to prove it, please go to Maria's post...  You' can read about what a girly-girl she can be.  She loves jewelry and pretty dresses, even hats sometimes! 

Nevertheless, there is this other side to that little girl, the side that is always looking for adventure.  It reminds me of our son, Ben, when he was little.  We had two pretty cautious children but sandwiched in the middle was Ben, who was always busy trying to find more fun ways to do things! 

Cordy's Mom was one of our cautious kids and her husband, Eric, has good safety sense as well.  However, Cordy has a bit of her Uncle Ben's personality in the mix.  Poor Maria.  As a big sister she seemed to be "on duty" all the time in her frantic efforts to protect Ben from himself.  Now, she has her own little reckless personality to raise!  Well, at least she has practice as the protective one.

This photo was taken when we were at the Salvation Army Thrift Store.  I was showing Cordy how to ride this little deal and then she showed me how she thought it could be used to have even more fun!

No motorcycles for you, young lady!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's Not About Bunnies!

I don't have anything against bunnies, really I don't.  They are all cute and furry.  It's just that Easter is the celebration of the most wonderful event of all history and bunnies really didn't even get a mention. 

So, let's stay focused.  Pet a bunny, hide Easter eggs if you like, but attend your church today and really think about what the Resurrection Story means for us.  It means we don't have to hang onto our fears.  We can let go of the things from our past that bring us shame.  We are fresh and clean, thanks to Jesus!

Today my husband will greet the congregation with, "He is risen!"  And we will respond with jubilation and joy,
 "He is risen indeed!" 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Underwear Story

Don't you just love giraffes?  I love the way they look and I think of them as kind of gentle spirits.  Actually, I did see a horrid documentary once that showed how male giraffes fight by banging their necks against one another.  It rather traumatized me and I've had to go into denial about that aspect of giraffehood.  Please, let's never bring that up again.  Anyway, back to denial...

They just seem sweet and they are almost a rusty orange color, which I love. 

Have you ever seen a baby giraffe?  Did you know their mom's give birth standing up so those poor babies have to drop from the height of their mother's, well, you know?  That doesn't seem right but it makes me think they are a lot tougher than they look.

This picture was taken by Miss Pam P.  Pam is a nurse where I used to work and she, lucky ducky, got to go to Africa.  Isn't that the sweetest little giraffe family picture?  She kindly gave me this photo because I loved it so much.  Thanks, Pam!

So, here's the story.  I have always loved giraffes and thought of them as my animal.  I'm not sure why I thought I got an animal but little kids have quaint ideas and that seemed to be one of mine.  I don't remember telling anyone that, though.  It turns out that was my big mistake.

Around the time of my 6th birthday my grandma, who I didn't ever really know too well, sent a package of 6 panties.  On each pantie was a little circular patch, each with a different animal on it.  I'm a save-the-best-to-the-last kind of girl so I started wearing my least favorite ones first.  I don't even remember what animals were on all the others.  Anyway, about 3 days after that, when I'd worn only half the panties, a letter came from that Grandma.  In the letter she stated that the package of panties was to be shared with my sister.  I don't think that would have bothered me but since I'd already worn 3 pairs, my sister got the 3 unworn pairs.  Yep, I had to give up the giraffe panties.

Now, before you think my Mom was mean and wicked, she didn't know any of what I just told you.  She hadn't known I had my own animal, she hadn't known I carefully planned out most any activity by my strict save-the-best-to-the-last policy.  I didn't tell her even then.  I just suffered silently.  Poor me, poor sad little girl...

THEN, as a young adult, I told my Mom the giraffe pantie story.  I don't think she or my sister even remembered the giraffe panties.  I'm not sure what prompted me to tell the story then, I suppose we were just talking about childhood or something, but boy did I get some mileage out of that story!  My Mom and my sister have been giving me giraffe gifts ever since!  Then, I told some friends about the poor little me who quietly gave up her giraffe panties.  Wa-la... MORE gifts!  Hey, I'm on to something here...

No, no, wait!  Please don't send me more giraffe gifts.  I've had stuffed giraffes, pewter giraffes, glass giraffes, several shirts with giraffes, giraffe soap dispensers, even a giraffe candle!  The list goes on and on.  I think my giraffe story has netted me plenty of giraffe gifts.

This is a giraffe my Mom gave me several years ago.  I also love paisley, it's my design like giraffes are my animal, so this lady is an absolute favorite of mine.  Isn't she pretty?

 I am writing this now to publicly release Mom from the guilt she's carried for around 30 years.  I'm ok, Mom. 

And, just when you thought I was done, there is more to this story.  A few years ago Mike and I went back to the town in Nebraska where my family lived when the original "giraffe incident" occurred.  We were walking around in the neighborhood and when we walked by that little rental house where we'd lived, I stopped dead in my tracks!  On the porch were many, many giraffes!  Yep, giraffe pots, giraffe plant hangers, giraffe sculptures...  How weird was that?  Were they waiting for me to return?  Did I leave some kind of giraffe aura in that house, making all future occupants want to surround themselves with giraffe paraphernalia? 

Do you have an animal?  A design pattern?  Anything that you'd like to share if for no other reason than I would like to know I wasn't the only weird kid?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Won't You Let Me Be Your Servant?

It is Holy Week.  We are thinking of the last days of Jesus life before his capture and crucifixion.  Maundy Thursday marks the day Jesus celebrated the Passover meal with his disciples.  After his 3 year ministry, travelling and eating with these guys, this was to be his last meal with them.  He knew this.  He had this one last night to teach them what he thought was most important.

One of the things Jesus did that night seems kind of weird to us in this day and age.  He washed his disciples feet.  These guys walked around a lot in hot weather, probably wearing sandals.  I really can't think that was a very pleasant job.  In fact, it probably put Jesus into a position of kneeling before them, a submissive position. 

I think I've heard this story all my life but for some reason, this year, it is really meaningful to me.  Again, what a demonstration of humility he gave us!  What a lesson in what it means to serve others!  I happen to know that in one of the songs we will be singing tonight at church we will be saying, "Won't you let me be your servant, too?"  I want to really mean it when I sing it, but I don't really like the idea of being a servant.  Sure, I don't mind so much serving my family, but serving people with dirty feet?  EEEW!

I don't think I yet have a servant's heart.  Our society doesn't really promote such an attitude.  I'm going to try, though, to think more in terms of being a servant to others... less of me, more of others.  It is so much easier to say than to do.

Tonight, my husband is going to demonstrate Jesus' servant attitude by washing someone's feet.  He's going to wash my feet... in front of everyone!  I am kind of nervous about it but I agreed because I think this is such an important lesson Jesus was trying to teach his disciples... and us.

So, I am going to challenge you now.  First, read John 13:1-15.  Then, I want you to try to think of at least one way to be a servant to someone today.  Consider having it be something quiet, something that does not bring honor to yourself.  Then, try to do it again tomorrow, and then the next day.  I want to consciously do it each day until at some point it just becomes a way of life, something I don't have to think about.

"For I have set you an example, that you also should do as I have done to you."  John 13:15 NRSV

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Moving Day

It's moving day!  OK, we are not moving anywhere but our son, Ben, and his wife, Sara, are making a giant move today.  I'm really wishing we were all near so we could be helpful.  Well, at least that's what the sweet, kind Mom part of me is wishing.  The Lazy Susan part of me is glad that I got out of it!  That's a lot of work!

They are moving from Arizona to North Carolina!  I've never even been to North Carolina and it feels weird to know one of my children is moving there.  I'd planned on us all living in a family commune or something.  No?  How far IS North Carolina anyway?

I've personally moved more than 30 times.  The hardest move for me was when we moved here to Wyoming.  We had lived in New Mexico for 9 years, unheard of in my life!  That meant saying "good-bye" to a lot of people.  The part that kept me crying much of the drive North, though, was saying good-bye to Ben.  He was in college in New Mexico and WE moved away from HIM.  That's not the way it is supposed to work!  Your kids might leave you but not the other way around!  That made me so sad.  Want to know a secret?  Just thinking about it, I am all teary again!

Like I said, I've moved a lot.  I was also a gypsy for Halloween most every year of my childhood.   Hmmm....  I wonder if there is a connection?  Anyway, I never cared much for moving out and leaving my friends broke my heart every time.  But, I do admit to being charmed by the moving-in process.  There is something so hopeful about starting fresh and making plans in the new place. 

I'm good at making plans...not so good with the follow-through.  We have one room at this house that had Dora the Explorer wallpaper.  It was to be our guest room and I actually started tearing off the wallpaper before the moving van even arrived here.  I was right on it the very first day in this house!  Then, when they did arrive, furniture came in and got in the way.  It has been 7 years and there are still bits of Dora behind the dresser!  Although nearly every other room in the house has been redecorated, that room where I started, still waits for me.  I'll get to it anytime now.

When Ben and Sara moved to Arizona they really enjoyed getting to know and appreciate the area.  I remember that feeling as well.  That's the best part of moving!  I'm excited for them!

This is a great move for them in many ways.  Sara is entering a PhD program.  She's really, really smart and it is going to be so exciting to see her progress in her chosen field, even if I just barely understand what Bioinformatics even is!  And Ben, this move means a promotion to the banking position he's been working toward.  When he starts talking financial things to me, I kind of get lost, but I'm so very proud.

The other day Maria reminded me of a quote that was something about when you have a child it is like having a piece of your heart existing outside your body. 
Well, today a piece of my heart is moving to North Carolina.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Walk for Life

My heart goes out to anyone who is experiencing what seems to be a crisis pregnancy.  But, I believe abortion is wrong.  I believe it is really, really wrong.  I don't believe God wants us to kill our unborn to solve our problems.

Having said that, I also want to say that I don't think it is our job to judge someone who has chosen to abort a baby, someone who has performed or assisted with abortions, or someone who has supported this choice.  I think each of us drags behind us a history of poor choices and outright mistakes, at least until we are forgiven.  I know stories of many young woman who have suffered greatly from their own choice to go against their basic instinct to protect their young.  We need to reach out and help all of these people to see that they are being offered forgiveness.

Nearly 7 years ago my friend, Nicole, introduced me to a local crisis pregnancy center.  I went through their training, learning and observing, and we have donated to them ever since.  I was so impressed with their attitude of love and caring.  They offer pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, limited STD testing and counseling.  They try to direct mothers to whatever services they need to maintain their pregnancies and even offer support after the babies are born.  I was most impressed with the help they offer young women who are hurting because they've already had an abortion.  That spirit of forgiveness and compassion is extended to fathers as well. 

Mike & I walk in a fundraiser for this agency each year and we are inviting anyone who wants to support this effort to let us know.  You can read about them at their website   They have recently changed their name from CareNet to True Care Women's Resource Center.

The way this fundraiser works is kind of neat.  We are raising money but we don't ever have to actually deal with money.  Between now and June 4 you just go to this site, if you want to help.  Once at that site you'll see a box asking for your friend's name.  Just type in Strucks and you'll find our page.  Or you can just email me at telling me the amount you wish to donate, as well as your name and address.  True Care will then send you a statement.  It's that easy.

Alternatively, I'd like to suggest you research in your own community.  See if there is a crisis pregnancy center and find out how they help their clients, what their attitude is toward them.  Then, if you feel challenged to help at your own local level, ask how they could use you.  It feels really good to do something so positive to try to help eliminate the perceived need for abortions. 

These pictures are of our grandaughter, Cordelia, taken the day she was born.  Cordelia was always wanted, always loved.  She's growing into a confident little person who knows she has a support group of people who care about her.  That is how it is supposed to be.  I am just trying do something to help every baby get to experience that sort of beginning, whether it be with a birth family or an adoptive family.  I thank you for considering this opportunity to do the same.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Maria - My Daughter, My Friend

Maria Rose was our starter child and today we are celebrating her.  She is named after Mike's Grandma Maria and my Grandma Rose.  Mike's grandma was Norwegian and we used her pronounciation for the name so it is pronounced like Mariah. 

I should have been posting this on April 2 but Maria was 16 days late folks!  I'm sure that had something to do with her 9 lb. 2 oz. birth weight.  She was also 22 1/2" long!  I kind of felt like we missed her infancy as she was born wanting to get on with it!  She seemed to think she could walk right out of the womb!  She hated being treated like a baby and wanted upright at all times.  She was walking several steps by  7 months and anywhere she wanted by 8 months.  She potty-trained early, talked early and a lot, and pretty much just set an advanced pace for herself throughout her early life.

Even as a little kid, Maria always seemed to be older than she was.  I once commented to Mike, while we watched her with other children, that she seemed to be a little adult trying to pretend she was a child! 

Already as a child Maria was pretty insightful as well.  Once, when she was about 3rd grade, we were visiting at the home of one of my friends.  My friend had a teenage daughter who was getting pretty sassy to her Mom and I watched Maria really taking it all in.  On the way home Maria discussed it and declared her disgust at the girl's behavior.  She ended saying, "I hope I never act like that to you, Mom!"  Then a bit later, "But if I do, will you just remember that it is a stage I am going through?"

Maria was a fun child to raise!  She learned things quickly, had in inquisitive mind and a let-me-try-it spirit.   She's always had a love of laughter and a good sense of humor.  OK, some of her jokes were pretty bad but I just blame that on her father.  She can't be held accountable for what genetics did to her!  And as she points out, she went through some awkward phases...again, genetics, but I'm not saying which side.

Not only did we get the joy of parenting Maria, we have loved watching her come into her own as an adult.  She is very good at being married, truly giving and supportive of Eric, as he is for her.  And as a mother, I've never seen anyone so tender.  It is truly a beautiful thing to watch her with her own daughter.

I'm just trying to say that I am so very grateful for the gift Maria has been to our family.  Words seem kind of inadequate so let me just show you...

(photo by James Strate - used without permission, hope you don't mind, Jim!)

(This photo by E.K. Wimmer,also used without permission but I'm sure he would've given permission had I asked.)

(Another photo stolen outright from E.K. Wimmer.)

(OK, so I used this E.K. Wimmer without permission as well.  We gave him our daughter, though, so I doubt he will press charges.  I'm pretty sure he won't.  I really don't think he will...)

This daughter of our's has been and continues to be such a joy to us.

The truth is, sometimes I look at her and just marvel at her beauty, inside and out.

Happy Birthday to My Daughter, My Friend!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Gentle Donkey Kind of King

 On Palm Sunday our entire congregation waits out in our large foyer, except for those of us on the Worship Team.  At 9:00 the doors open and as people come in waving their palm leaves we all sing, "Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna in the Highest!"  It isn't our typical Sunday.  It's kind of funny to watch and see who will actually wave the palm branches they are given at the door.  Lutherans maybe aren't known for their exuberence during church. In fact, we are a bit nervous if someone asks us to clap. For the record, I waved my palm branch high overhead.  I admit, I wondered if I looked silly, but I got into the spirit of it anyway.  I'm hoping that the soft flesh on the underside of my arm wasn't outwaving the palm branch!

I did have a moment of terror in church this morning.  We were nearing the part of the service when we have a children's sermon.  All the adorable little kiddos come down and a little mini-sermon is presented for their benefit.  My husband, Mike (Pastor Mike), does the children's sermon about every other week and lay people do it in between.  Well, just as we were approaching that part I suddenly remembered that on
Wednesday a guy had asked me if I could do the children's sermon "next Sunday".  What is wrong with me?!  How could I forget a thing like that?!  Why didn't I write it down or something?  I started frantically trying to come up with a talk for the kids and I quickly developed a plan, kind of.  Not to worry!  My husband got up and he had the whole thing under control.  Apparently he had just planned to do it since I'd been sick this last week.  He didn't even know I'd thought I was doing it.  Whew! 

Anyway, Mike had a title for his children's sermon.  It was, "A Gentle Donkey Kind of King".  He spoke of the type of person people would expect a King to be.  I thought of all the hoopla surrounding the upcoming royal wedding in England!  Or what about the fuss made when our President arrives anywhere on Airforce One?  What a contrast to Jesus, riding a gentle donkey into Jerusaelm, even as he is being welcomed like a King.

Why do you think Jesus rode in on a donkey?  We know that it was prophesied in the Old Testament that the Messiah would enter this way, but why was that important?  Do you think it was to teach a lesson about being humble?  Maybe it was to set him apart from previous leaders?  Perhaps from this we are to remember what is really important in this life, and it is not wealth and fame.  What do you think?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Carrier Gene

I live in an art museum...

My mother is an artist.  She is a very, very talented artist.  These are some of her paintings hanging in our home...

My daughter is an artist.  She started winning awards when she was in junior high school.  These are some of her paintings hanging in our home. (Note, the orange one is a collaborative piece she did with her husband.)



I did this last one...

...all by myself.

Now, does the title of today's blog make sense?

I have a dear friend that pointed out that I must have the artist carrier gene.

I can live with that.

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