Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wyoming Rose - Citrus Twirly Scarf

I enjoy making these Springy Scarves.  I've made quite a few of them but this Citrus Twirly Scarf is my favorite so far... of course.  It's got a lot of orange in it!  I made up this design myself, working without a pattern.  I enjoy making and wearing scarves for the colder months but I didn't want Spring and Summer to feel left out.  These happy little scarves work well with tank tops or t-shirts!  This one is made with all cotton thread and has a happy, wholesome feel.  I can also make these to order in any color you'd like!  If you'd like one and are having trouble leaving comments here (some still can't), just e-mail me at or

AND... there's a bonus!  When checking out of our Etsy site, you will see a place for a coupon code.  You will get free shipping if you type in the word FRIENDS in all caps.  This code is good for all our friends all the time, no matter what you order.

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