Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cordelia Fun

I have been fortunate enough to have some Cordy Time this week.  Yesterday she was out and about with her parents.  Maria texted me and I found out they weren't far from my location at that moment so I made sure our paths crossed.

Cordy was so excited and hugged me say, "Grandma, you are a surprise!"  Then she turned to her parents and said, "These are my friends, Mommy and Daddy!  They are my family!  And Baby _______ (you'll have to wait until her birth to learn her name) is going to come out and she is my sister!"

The day before that I enjoyed some shopping time with Maria and Cordelia, followed by swimming time and a picnic.  Mike took a lunch break to join us for lunch.  It was one of those weather-perfect days and the morning was pure delight.  I hope you enjoy the photos...

I will forever be grateful for my family.

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