Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Secret Tunnel

While it is not exactly a Secret Garden, our secret tunnel is pretty cool. While it isn't really a secret, there are a lot of local people who are unaware of its existence.

The surgical center where I work is across the street from the hospital. This cool tunnel runs under our parking lot, the street and a parking garage, connecting the two healthcare facilities. It is not just one straight tunnel. It has a few turns along the way. 

As it gets close to the hospital, there are walls with pictures painted by children. The colorful walls have been there for years. Sadly, I don't remember the story of who the children were that were allowed down there for the painting event.

It sure brightens things up!

Patients needing to go from one facility to the other can be wheeled through this tunnel but generally the public is not allowed access to it.

There are some old hospital beds stored down there.
There are a lot of big pipes as well.

Often, after working a long day at the surgical center,
I get to go through the tunnel to deliver paperwork to the hospital.

Oddly, it is one of my favorite parts of my job.

Now, you are in on the secret.

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