Friday, November 23, 2012

Home for Thanksgiving

Yesterday we were at my Mom's home for Thanksgiving.  I've never lived at the house where she now lives, yet it feels like home to me.  I guess that is to say, my Mom feels like home to me.  We tease her about looking so serious when she works.  Trust me, she has a beautiful smile.

We were a pretty small group this year but we most certainly had plenty to eat!
I won't be stepping on the scale any time soon.

We had time to visit with my sister, Tina. She  has fancy glasses, doesn't she?

My nephew, Steven, and niece, Stephanie, kept things lively.  We were all in jeans except Steven.  He was pretty snazzy, James Bondish actually.

My Mom's Christmas Cactus was a bit of an overachiever, already blooming.
My Mom started it from pieces of my Grandma's Christmas Cactus, making it all the more special.

So, that documents our day.  How was your's?