Friday, February 15, 2013

That is Classy

Where I work I often find myself fetching magazines from the waiting room for our patients to read while they wait in their individual rooms for surgery. You know about magazines at medical facilities, right? In general they are old and pretty well worn. 

I have been somewhat impressed at our clinic as I notice someone keeps up with them and so our's are not too old. We also have a nice variety, from "Field and Stream" to "Ladies Home Journal". There are also some of those celebrity magazines. Usually they still have their covers and everything. I didn't think we were doing too badly.

However, when I went with a family member to her medical appointment awhile back, I saw that 
this is what they offered...

Isn't that a great idea? They had stacks of art books! Isn't that classy? I felt a little bit more sophisticated just by having been there. 

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