Monday, September 26, 2011

Craft Fair Wrap-Up

So, we were a part of our first craft fair Saturday.  We survived!  Actually, we had a fun day.  It started our quite slow.  That is a HUGE understatement.  What I mean to say is, we sat there for maybe and hour and a half before we saw the first customer even walk by!  We vendors wandered around looking at each other's stuff.  One of the vendors near the front door told us she saw people come in and when they were told it cost $2 to enter, they just turned and exited.  I couldn't blame them for that.

We entertained ourselves just fine, though.  Maria and I had time to crochet and visit with each other.  That in itself made it a good day!

I laughed when I used the restroom (I know, here I go talking bathroom talk again) and saw the name of the company imprinted on the giant toilet paper holder.  Well, it was funny!  Here, see for yourself and enjoy at least an inner chuckle.

Eric, my son-in-law, came by for a visit and to drop Cordelia off with us for a bit.  We'd been sitting there for about 3 hours at that point and we'd STILL only had maybe 10 people in to look around but STILL not one sale!

Not long before noon Maria took Miss Cordelia to get some lunch and to watch her Daddy's band do a performance at a park.  Cordelia said she was going to "rock out" and wanted to know if Grandma was going to "rock out".   I really never did do that.

Maria had been gone just a few minutes when quite a few people came at once and we finally had our first sale and then several more.  It was kind of a fun little rush.  By the time Maria returned after Cordy's nap the rush was long over but we did have more sales throughout the afternoon.  It was never a very well attended craft fair but it was good enough to make it worthwhile. 

I asked permission to take pictures of a few of the little cuties. This first little one, Riley, is the daughter of my friend, Kerry.  This picture doesn't quite capture the beautiful blue of Riley's eyes but she looked just heart-meltingly cute in the little hat Maria made and the little poncho I made.

This little babe, Brynna, went home with our purple bear hat and also a purple poncho that matched it.  It looked like they were made just for her!

The childrens' animal hats were probably our best sellers.  Two women chose the same owl hat but thankfully they graciously worked it out.  One took it home but first I took a photo so I'd remember which it was so I could make another for the second lady.  Since we make up the face hats as we go along (no patterns) I was afraid I'd forget exactly how I'd made that one.

We took orders for several other items, including an adult poncho, so we've got some serious crocheting to do this week!  That's not a bad thing at all!

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