Friday, May 06, 2016

Ballet and Belly Dancing

We just got done watching this beautiful ballerina perform.

She was awesome! 

She was calm and cool.

And very sweet.

I got to sit with this dainty little one...

who said things like, "Grandma, do you think poop is a funny word?" Unfortunately I agreed because then she loudly announced, "Mom! Grandma thinks poop
Is a funny word! "

Cordelia came to sit with us to watch the next act. She was really into it...

I asked her to turn and smile.  I got this.

Then back to this...

She was watching an adult belly dancer!. Ha!. Elise kept announcing that the lady was shaking her booty. It really was g-rated, so don't worry.

It kind of inspired me.

Just kidding. 


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