Monday, March 24, 2014


Saturday night was fun for us. We had granddaughters over and we watched the movie, Frozen, with them.

I'd already seen part of the movie at the theater with Cordelia, as well as Maria and Elise. However, Cordelia got scared and we left before the ending. Nevertheless, she has continued to be obsessed with the movie. She wanted me to see the ending and she wanted Grandpa to get to see this movie. It was right up Mike's alley so why not?

It started out kind of like this...

Then there was some silliness.

Elise had to drive somewhere.

Every now and then she had to stop and check her engine.

When the song, "Let it Be" came on,
the party really got going.

Cordelia knows all the words.

She knows all the actions but it seems she wanted
to add in a few of her own moves.

But in the end, it was all about the song itself.
It was adorable!

These are the "Good Old Days", aren't they?

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