Wednesday, February 15, 2012

She is Beautiful!

Last night our son-in-law, Eric, wanted to surprise Maria with an evening out.  You know what that meant!  Yes!  We got to be entertained by a beautiful little girl!  I know for certain that she is beautiful because that was the first thing she told me on arrival, "I am beautiful!"   You see, as Maria was getting fancied up for her night out, Cordelia wanted to do the same. 

Mental note to self: never ask a two year old to smile for a picture.

We had a fun evening.  Cordy has the sweetest manners.  She asked "please" and said "thank-you" and gave lots and lots of hugs.  

Cordelia wanted to watch Strawberry Shortcake but also wanted to eat supper.  What's a grandma to do?  Easily resolved, just bring the high chair into the living room!  Oh come now, don't judge me.  The rules are different at Grandma's house!

Cordy snuggled with me for the scary part of the movie.  Yes, there are scary parts in Strawberry Shortcake movies!  She patted me saying, "Don't worry Grandma.  Everything will be ok in the end."

Grandpa came home and all was well with Cordelia's world...

... and our's.

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