Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cheering Myself On

Do you remember when I was going to Curves a lot? I really liked it!

I liked that Curves was only open to women and most just wore shorts and a t-shirt. I loved the way it works at Curves. Their machines are in a big circle. When you arrive, you just get on an open piece of equipment. It is effective equipment but simple enough to learn quickly. Energetic music is playing but every 90 seconds a message is played to move to the next piece of equipment. A typical work out would take me around the circuit about three time but you could go as long or as short as you wanted. Each piece of equipment targeted a different group of muscles.

It was a comfortable system for me and I liked it. Being a small family run gym, though, their hours were a bit limited. When I started working more hours myself it often seemed that their hours didn't coincide as well with my available hours. Anyway, I gave up my membership and have since fallen into a state of disrepair.

Before Curves I worked out at home with Wii Fit. I really enjoyed that as well. Why did I quit doing that? It was rather fun. I can't even think of an excuse.

Mike has faithfully worked out at home for most of his adult life. He's been very good to make it part of his morning routine. I've always admired his self-discipline with it. Why haven't I been like that? Again, I have no excuse.

Well, last week I became eligible for a gym membership offered by my employers. Also, one of my co-workers asked me to be a work-out partner with her. After reading about my daughter and her work-out buddy inspiring each other, I decided that would be a good idea. She is looking fantastic! So, soon, I expect to be in better shape as well. Ok, it may take a bit of time but I'm going to get started, anyway.

Now, I need to get fit at home before I go to the gym so I look the part!

I'm just kidding... kind of. You know what I mean, though, don't you? In my mind I am thinking everyone there will be all buff and I will look like a middle-aged woman who has fallen off the exercise wagon...which I am.

If I ever were to hire a maid service I would no doubt clean my house the night before they were to come. It is all the same concept.

Can you tell that this post is my way of accomplishing two goals?
     (1) I am trying to be my own cheerleader to get myself motivated.
     (2) I figured if I announced my intentions in a blog post I would have to follow through.

How about you? Are you doing any kind of work out and taking good care of yourself? Do you have a work-out partner or are you going it alone? Do you go to a gym or do something in your own home? Anyone else doing the Couch to 5K that my daughter is doing? She really likes it. There are so many ways to get into shape. I am ready to get back at it!

Rah! Rah!

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