Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm In a Tattoo!

OK, here's the thing, I'm not much of a tattoo kind of gal. I've certainly seen some pretty ones but it's like art to me. I like to rearrange my art, put some away for awhile and bring out others. I also like to rearrange furniture. It's the permanency of a tattoo that stops me from considering one.

When I got our new washing machine our son, Ben, made a comment that I should have purchased a front loader. You are probably thinking I lost my train of thought here, but a washing machine DOES have something to do with my thoughts on tattoos. Let me explain.

Ben's reason for wanting me to have a front loader was because it would be more gentle on my clothes and they would last longer. That seems smart.


I like to change out my clothes as well. I don't want my clothes to last too long because my tastes change and sometimes I just want to update to different styles. So. Do my thoughts make sense now? Like I said, it is the permanency of a tattoo that bothers me.

Our daughter, Maria, IS a tattoo kind of gal. She got a couple tattoos quite a few years ago.  In fact, she had them two years before we knew about them. As it turns out, a girl CAN hide her upper arm from her parents for two years without them noticing. Enough about that.

Well, recently Maria decided to change the artwork on her arm.  Hmmm.... I guess it doesn't have to be permanent in the same way I'd thought. One day she called up and asked me which flower was my favorite. I messed around with my answer for a bit because I love, love, love the smell of carnations, daisies are so happy-looking, and I've always enjoyed morning glories. When she told me it was to represent me on her new tattoo and that she was going to use wheat for Mike, I KNEW that it needed to be a morning glory. Read here to remember why Mike worries about morning glories and how I show little respect for his least about morning glories.

Maria called on her talented husband, Eric, for the designing of her tattoo. I'd suggested that my morning glory be wrapped up tight around Mike's wheat. That was kind of a mean idea, I suppose, but it entertained me. I guess I really don't want to be represented as choking the life out of Mike.

The final design was beautiful and probably less worrisome to Mike. Anyway, her new tattoo has elements to represent herself, her family and her parents. Isn't that sweet? I like that the morning glory is close to the inner aspect of her arm, close to her heart. And I can truthfully say, "I'm in a tattoo!"

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