Friday, June 13, 2014

Faith Community Nursing

One thing I've long be interested in is Parish Nursing, now called Faith Community Nursing. Recently, Mike told me I had been invited to join a group of Episcopal Nurses as they gathered to learn more about Faith Community Nursing. That program started at noon today and goes into early afternoon tomorrow, so it is a busy week-end for me.

I did some Faith Community Nursing at our church in Alamogordo and truthfully, that would be my dream job if I didn't need a job that actually paid me money.  I really, really enjoyed that. This is fun now, for me to learn more about what programs are available and all that. I'm feeling invigorated and enthused about pursuing this a bit more!

The nursing program I attended was all about treating the whole person (wholistic nursing) and I am a big believer in that. In order to accomplish a wholistic approach, people need to be offered a spiritual side to their care as well as body and mind. It is something that I think is not only intriguing but pertinent.

So, that's what I'm doing this week-end. You?

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