Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's About Choice... for Life

As many of you know, I'm not an abortion advocate. I hate abortion and I can not wrap my mind around how our country came to this place to say it is ok to kill a baby.  So many women are suffering remorse from believing the lie that it was just a blob of tissue, not a life. Abortion is a source of so much pain.

Recently it occurred to me... I'm pro-choice! I mean it. I have no interest in confronting anyone at an abortion clinic but I do have a desire to help provide a choice, a better choice than abortion. That is why I serve on a board for our local Women's Resource Center. Our goal is to provide a choice for women and girls who feel they are backed into a corner. Through our work there we have learned that many choose abortion feeling that it is their only real choice. They are often pressured by their boyfriends, parents or someone else to make that choice. We like to provide them resources so they can choose to carry their baby to term, whether it be to raise the child themselves or to provide it life with an adoptive family. We want to obliterate the "perceived need" for abortion, simple as that.

Besides providing support to pregnant women and their loved ones, we also offer support to those who decided to abort. No, we do not encourage an abortion. We do welcome them back for abortion recovery programs if they need help dealing with their decision. They do this with kindness, not judgment.

I am currently raising money through a Walk for Life we do once a year. I am collecting sponsors for my part in the walk. It is easy to donate. Just send me an email, at, telling me your name, address and amount you want to donate (by June 6, 2015) and you will receive an invoice after the walk.  If you are a Facebook Friend, you can just message that information to me.

For those readers who don't really know me, perhaps you would consider offering a donation to your own local crisis pregnancy center. Most are operating on donations only and would appreciate your help.

It is about valuing human life, no matter how young.

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