Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Extreme Remodeling

A few weeks ago I pulled into Taco Bell, which I think is Sam's favorite restaurant.  I was thrilled to see that for once I'd come at a time when there was no line.  My smile soon faded when I saw a sign telling me they were closed for remodeling.  

Yesterday I drove by again and this is what I saw...

I've heard that remodeling can be quite frustrating but I never saw 
anyone just demolish the entire project before!
Do you suppose the boss was angry and said, 
"Just scrap it" 
and someone took him seriously?

In the photo below you can see they didn't even take time to remove the chairs from inside.
The entire building is gone; what you see standing is another restaurant beside it.

Poor Sam.
It may be awhile before he can get his 5-layer burrito.

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