Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Mother in a Sentence

As I was driving home from work one day last week, listening to KLOVE, I heard a challenge.  Well, I don't think it was meant as a challenge exactly.  Anyway, they were asking people to call in or write on the web page or some such thing.  What they wanted was for people to describe their mother in one sentence.  So, as I drove I mulled that one over.  I decided to do it on my blog...

I've always known my mother to be one person who truly let's the love of Christ shine out through her words and actions, putting the needs of others before her own as she strives to bring joy, comfort, peace and love to all she meets at all times and she does this as though it were her pleasure, not an act of martyrdom as she makes us all smile and laugh and even giggle because she also has a great sense of humor and is very intelligent and that combination makes for a witty type of delightful conversation that is enjoyed by all of us who know her and we in turn walk away from her feeling as though we are better human beings ourselves while we contemplate how she could be so smart, kind, funny and humble even as she is beautiful and looks so much younger than her actual age which isn't that old anyway because I always had the youngest mother of all my friends and many of my friends even liked to think of her as their second mother because she is quite simply just the epitome of motherhood, perhaps even the epitome of womanhood and I love her so much and I love that her name is Grace because she is quite gracious and I know that I owe her for modeling the kind of mother I hoped to be even when I knew I wasn't ever likely to live up to her high standards but yet she made me feel that I could do anything and when I did do things she made me feel like I did them better than anyone could have imagined and that I myself was just perfect but perhaps she was just seeing her own reflection, which of course is so lovely but she would not admit it because of her deep humility although I don't know how she could remain so humble when she is so talented, excelling as an artist, seamstress, gardener, cook and so much more yet she acts as though it is nothing but I know that she is a woman far above rubies as it says in the Bible and I am grateful that she raised me with Biblical ethics and always helped me and my siblings decipher what is truly important in our lives and I love her so much and of course who wouldn't because she is quite easy to love and I am so glad to be one of her daughters.

Well, I left some stuff out but they really only wanted one sentence so there you have it.

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