Saturday, July 20, 2013

Yay! My Poster Has Been Flipped!

Years ago our son, Ben, started a weird tradition. He came home from college or somewhere (I really don't remember when this started) and found I had framed a couple of posters for the bathroom. One was hung on the wall and one was propped on the back of the toilet. I think I'd had it hung on the wall as well but the tab deal on the back, meant for hanging, was too weak to stay put. Instead of fixing the problem, I worked around it and just set the poster up. I likely thought it looked artsy that way.

For reasons beyond my understanding, Ben turned the poster around. He left it that way. I came in and righted the situation. He again turned it around. It was weirdly funny. It became a tradition, then, something he did every time he came home to visit. It was odd enough to be charming. 

This morning I got up and found this... Yep, my poster is flipped! Our son and daughter-in-law are here to visit. We have all of our children in one town! I am soooo happy!

One time when I was anticipating an upcoming visit from Ben, I left him a little note. It remains on the back of that poster, faded but still readable, "I love you Benj."

Do you and your's have any crazy little family traditions?

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