Friday, May 16, 2014

I Like the middle

I am a middle child. I know that I am supposed to whine about that, but I really kind of like that spot. There is something about being in the middle that is comfortable for me. It is like I am protected by a sibling on either side! It's nice.

This post isn't about that kind of middle, though. It is about THIS middle...

Have you seen this show!?  Apparently it has been on for five years, but I only just started watching it. I think I'd seen a second or two of it once but didn't watch long enough to appreciate it. It is really funny! There is something about it that is really kind of familiar. 

I have a favorite character, too. Her name is Sue! Mike thinks she and I are a lot alike. Here's her photo...

She's a a goofy, awkward character and I think Mike refers to a resemblance to tease me.  Little did he know, I'm taking it as a compliment! That actually kind of proves he's right. That Sue would also perceive an insult as a compliment. I like her spirit and her insistence on being joyful and kind. So, thanks, Mike!

I'm thinking this actress must have a blast playing that sweet but silly character. Watch this little clip...

After watching her in several episodes, I decided she was really a very talented actress because I was totally believing in her character. She's a great comedic actress, even at that young age. She is made to look really homely on the show, but you can still tell she's a pretty girl. Tonight I decided to look her up on the internet. I wanted to see what she looked like in real life. Click here to see the transformation.

So, have you all already been watching this show? Are we the last ones to notice it? Who is your favorite character?