Saturday, September 07, 2013

An Evening With the Girls

Last night our daughter and son-in-law, Maria and Eric, had an artsy function to attend. I went over to their house and had a lovely evening with our beautiful granddaughters.

The girls admired and adored their gorgeous Mom a bit before she took off to meet Eric. He had responsibilities at the event so he had gone on ahead.

 Maria looked beautiful.
Cordelia liked the idea that Momma was having a Cinderella event.

As Mom left, we headed to the  backyard for some fun!

Cordelia showed me how to pick tomatoes...only the deep red ones!

Elise was to hold the bucket and keep the little tomatoes safe.
She took her job quite seriously.
...but then...

Elise wanted to pick some as well.
Cordelia tried to keep her away, knowing that Elise wasn't careful to pick only the red ones.

Cordelia got distracted and Elise saw her chance.

 When Cordelia realized that Elise had pulled some tomatoes that were not the required deep red color,
she snatched them from Elise and buried them.
Confused, I asked why she would do that.
"Because," she said, "I don't want Momma to know Elise picked those orange ones."
She was protecting her little sister from the shame of it all.

Eventually, it was time for their baths.
Elise is currently not much of a bathtub fan so her's was very quick.

Cordelia loved splashing and playing, though.

Suds...funny faces...pretending she was in the ocean... 
The fun went on and on!

After bath time
I watched the "Elise" show.

It was pretty cute! 
She was in entertainment mode, trying to think of new moves to put into her act.

Is there anything cuter than a freshly scrubbed, happy little one-year-old?

 Meanwhile, I brushed out Cordy's long, lovely locks.
I couldn't believe how patient she was.

We couldn't forget bedtime snacks.
Elise had her own sippy cup but Cordy explained to me that Elise preferred
to share with Cordelia. 

 Aaaah, hug and kiss time.

And a wee bit of Netflix for Kids to wind down.

And in case you want to know, when an artistic Momma leaves 
notes for the evening, they come complete with illustrations.

It was wonderful.

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