Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Apparently some birthdays need to overflow into the next day...  Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties I am unable to upload any photos from my computer today.  Perhaps another day I'll be able to treat you with more Mike pictures.

I am, however, able to load pictures from Facebook.  So, let's talk about Mike as an entertainer.  (Thanks, Wendy, for reminding me of this fun picture.)  Mike was in a 50's show, singing Buddy Holly songs.  On the last night of the show he was greatly surprised by the screaming female fans!  It was lots of fun, even though he had trouble finishing that last song! 

I mentioned Mike's songwriting talents, and many of you have heard him sing.  I totally forgot to tell you that he does have a CD.  (Thanks, Maria, for reminding me.)  Here's the link for that...

Although Mike didn't choose the path of a professional entertainer, it is still a creative outlet for him and I still love to hear him sing his songs!

Mike's Day

Today is Mike's Birthday!

Mike is a mysterious and complicated guy.  There are so many sides to him! 
 I will tell you about a few...
Many know him as their pastor.  Those people probably don't realize he is actually an introvert because in his pastor role, he pushes himself to be available to all.  He's a natural and easy speaker and a knowledgeable teacher, as well as a kind and caring spiritual advisor.

I like observing Mike as a brother.  I think he's pretty special to his sisters and I know he cares deeply for them.  He makes an effort to keep those relationships strong.

Mike, as a son, keeps his mother's life interesting!  He has long talks with her on the phone at least weekly.   When together, he keeps her on her toes, often teasing her mercilessly!  She loves it, of course.

I pat myself on the back for my choice of Mike as my children's father.  They are blessed to have him as their Dad and they know it.  They can rest certain in his steadfast love for them.  They value his opinion and enjoy his time with them.

Mike as a grandpa is where he has really come into his own.  Cordelia sees Grandpa as her destination for fun!  He's so patient and attentive to her.  They have hours of fun together!  Their bond is already so very strong.
Mike as a songwriter...many who know him have no idea how many songs he has written!  The man's head is full of songs and he is really very, very talented.  I still think he deserves to be discovered!

Mike as a husband, I will say that he is my best friend.  He's supportive and caring, funny and adventuresome.  We've traveled many unexpected roads during our time together and I am so grateful to have been side by side with him on this journey of life!  No one can make me laugh as he does!
No matter all the roles Mike has taken on over the years, this is how I still see him, the farm boy I married...

So, to my very complicated farm boy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I'm really glad your time on this Earth coincided with mine.
P.S. Mike told me I didn't have permission to put his picture in my blog...   ooops!

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