Friday, June 06, 2014

The Inviter

Earlier this week I asked Cordelia if she'd like to have another sleep-over. She was quite excited! 

One thing about Cordelia, she is an inviter.  That's a word, right? She loves to include others in fun times. She kept inviting so many people to her birthday party her mom had to finally tell her she couldn't invite any one else. I happened to be there when she said to her Sunday School teacher, "Sorry you can't come to my party. My mom said I can't invite anyone else." 

Maria said that last week, when Cordy was a flower girl in a wedding, she invited people all over town to come to the wedding!

Well, when we were going through the line at Subway earlier this week, Cordelia invited the sandwich artist person to come to our sleep-over. That wasn't at all awkward or anything. 

Anyway, we are having our sleep-over and even as I type this, we are watching Tangled. I don't want to use my precious granddaughter time blogging so for now, I'll just leave you with a photo from this afternoon.

OK, one more.

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