Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Kingdom of the Sky Queen

My daughter and her husband are both artists.  They are artists with a multitude of talents.  They take on so many different projects and I've no idea how they learn to do much of it.

Last night, they had an opening at a local gallery.  This show was entitled "Abstracted Landscapes in the Kingdom of the Sky Queen.  Eric had made a film by that title, and all the art displayed went with that film.  They even had the film playing in loops and the film's costumes on display.  It was really cool. 

This is my ever so talented son-in-law, Eric, anticipating a great show.
We were so pleased to see many of our friends from church coming to support our kids.  Cordelia made a showing and did the meet and greet.  She usually started small talk by showing her cracker and mentioning that it was "yummy".  Then, she would point to the pieces on the wall and say "art".  She also did a lot of "tweeting" because many of her Mom's pieces are bird images.

Maria showing one of her pieces....

A smiling visitor...

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