Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Mom's Sewing Machine

I have something I want to show you!

It's my Mom's sewing machine and cabinet.  She decided her sewing days are behind her and she has given it to me.  It had to hang out in the basement during all the carpeting hoopla, but it is at home in the Rose Room now and I am so happy!  I set it up so that when I sew I can face the room instead of the wall.  I love seeing all the stacks of fabric as well as the colorful yarn.  I think it is inspiring.

This is the front side of the cabinet.  Mom used it for many years so it has some character.

One year she had some puppy troubles of her own and the cabinet developed more character yet...

Here's the fancy part!  The sewing machine is nestled down inside the cabinet when not in use.

There is a cool lever that makes it smoothly glide up to position when I am ready to sew.

I'm excited to have this in my home.  It feels like having a bit of my Mom here.  She used this machine to sew such beautiful things!  She made men's suits, lingerie (not for men), beautiful quilts and clothes for our whole family.  She used this machine to sew for many others over the years as well.  She sewed a LOT!  I remember coming home from school and finding her sewing most days.  I'd plop myself on the bed (she didn't have a Rose Room so she sewed in the bedroom) and blabber on about my school day.  I can't imagine that I had much that was terrribly interesting to say but she listened as though I were fascinating.

My Mom made my wedding dress on this machine.  I had a clear vision in my head of the dress I wanted but we couldn't find a pattern to match.  Mom had me just sketch the dress.  In case you don't remember, I only carry the artistic gene, I do NOT draw well.  Nevertheless, she managed to get the idea.  She measured me one morning before I went out the door and when I returned that evening, my wedding dress was on the hanger! 

I am not the seamstress my Mom is, but I do love to sew.  I'm so grateful that she taught me to sew and crochet as they are two of the hobbies that bring me the greatest joy.  It is just so wonderful to take pieces of fabric and turn them into something pretty to wear or a quilt to keep you cozy for years.  It was also wonderful to have a Mom who took the time to show me what she was doing and to encourage me to create things for myself.  Thanks, Mom, for the sewing machine and for the memories!

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