Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Chaos

Yes, I realize I didn't include any people pictures in my Monday post. Not to worry (I'm talking to you Grandma Grace, Grandma Carol and Alaysha!) as I did indeed take some during Mike's birthday celebration. There was a LOT of chaos, but it was all fun.

Early on Elise decided to spell some words on the fridge.
She's really smart, you know.

 Cordelia was ready for a good time; you can see it in her eyes!

Elise wanted to be a butterfly.
She stuck with that plan until it was time to go home.

There were multiple basset hounds.

 Laura (borrowed family member, as Maria put it) looks
innocent here but she can hold her own with this crazy group.

By the way, click here for some better photographs from the evening.
Maria & Eric got some nice ones of Mike.
Mine of him did not turn out so well,
probably because he put a curse on my camera
or something since I disobeyed him and posted photos of him
against his will.  Whatever.

I am aware this is a poor photo but it captured a fine moment.
While Wii bowling was going on, Sam kept obliging Elise 
as she  requested to fly. A butterfly needs to fly, you know!
This went on long enough for Sam to get a good work-out up 
and down the hall and around and about the upstairs.

Sam is a good sport!

Eric taught Cordelia to Wii Bowl.
Doesn't that just make you want to say, "Aaaah"?

Then there was this...

Elise, once again begging Sam to make her fly.
Admit it.
You couldn't turn that face down, now could you?

And Sam, once again, obliging.

When Sam was exhausted, Laura stepped up to the plate.

Sam got to sit, at least for a bit.

And that, my friends, is another crazy
family night for the record books.

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