Sunday, June 21, 2015

Muddy Mountain X 2

We went to Muddy Mountain this week... twice!  In the eleven years we've lived in this area I think we've been to Muddy Mountain only a couple of times.  However, we've had friends tell us how beautiful the wildflowers are right now so Saturday Mike and I decided to go take a look.  We were NOT disappointed!

We took some short trails and just wandered around a bit.

The views are spectacular!

Isn't Wyoming pretty?

Bode had a good time.

The flowers were so impressive, thanks to all the rain we've had.

Crazy beautiful wildflowers.

 ...and more wildflowers.

Just look at this scene!

I know that many people in this world never get to see so 
much space, wide and open. I love it!

Anyway, it was so breathtaking, we decided to invite the 
rest of our local family up there for a Father's Day Picnic.

 It was a great day!

Sam came along.
We were just missing Ben and Sara, as well as our adopted family member, Laura.

Is your heart just melting?

One of my happiest things is knowing our little granddaughters
have a great Daddy. That means so much to our peace of mind!

Doesn't it look like Elise is floating?

I took lots of photos of the little girls.
Big surprise, huh? 
I will post some more soon.

Two Dads

Seriously, Sam can be acting absolutely geeky but he has this incredible
skill for snapping into serene composure for all photos.

And one last photo.
It's a good one and I am particularly proud of it.
I think Eric will be proud of it as well.

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