Thursday, September 06, 2012

Again? And Again? And Again...?

I was home from work by mid--afternoon yesterday (one of the perks of leaving for work when others are still dreaming) and was just sitting down to pay some bills when I heard it again, the far-off sound  of sirens.  As they got closer I started getting nervous.  Sure enough.  They stopped two doors down from us.

Remember the fire in the front yard of our next-door-neighbors' home last week?  Well, apparently there was a fire in the backyard of the people on the other side of them.  I thought that made this the third yard fire on our block recently but a neighbor girl came out and told me it was the 7th!  All the fires were within 2 houses of our home!

I didn't go too close to take a photo for you all as I didn't want to be the creepy neighbor.  However, when one of our local news anchors arrived and actually interviewed the fire captain, Sam and I went close enough to listen  He confirmed there had been multiple fires and they were under investigation.  Yikes!

 So far the fires have all been small and quickly extinguished so it just seems kind of mysterious at this point.  Don't worry, though. We are on alert now and we are aware of the danger.  Now we have to assume these are arson fires and we aren't taking that lightly.  In fact, I think maybe I'd better go water the lawn a bit... and maybe the garage... and perhaps the deck... and maybe the whole house!

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