Saturday, April 30, 2011

I am a Princess!

What is it about the British Royalty that captures the attention of so many Americans?  Do we still consider ourselves cousins to the British?  I know there are royal families in many countries but it is the faces of the British Monarchy that we all recognize.

I did not get up early to watch the wedding.  In fact, until I turned on the TV yesterday I was thinking the wedding was to be today.  Deep down I believed myself to be a bit superior to those who were making such a big deal about strangers. However, once I turned on the TV I admit watching long enough to see and admire the dress and to smile when the couple came out riding in the convertible.  I'd been sucked in! 

Our son, Sam, caught me watching.  He went into a rant (this is one of his favorite pastimes so don't take it too seriously) about how William and Kate got to be so famous without having to do anything.  Even Lindsey Lohan was at least in a movie!  I agreed with him.  William became famous for just being born, something we've all done!

At that point, though, I had to admit that I wanted to watch more of the action happening in far-away England.  I like to think I am a logical person and this seemed illogical so I then tried to think up justification for this interest.

This is what I came up with... 

1) Everybody wants to believe in "Happily Ever After". 

2) Every little girl grows up hearing fairy tales of ordinary little girls growing up to become princesses.  Deep down we wonder how we would have handled such a transformation.

3) The World is full of sad/bad news, why not just enjoy this? 

Then, I heard the insinuation that as a Child of God, I am also royalty.  It makes sense, child of the King.... Princess...  Yes!  I knew it!  I AM a Princess!

Last night we went to a small gathering of friends and one of the women brought these rings for each of us princesses! 

I thought it was pretty funny!  But you know what?  I kind of like it.  I think it looks good on me.  I'm wearing it again today!


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