Thursday, February 20, 2014

Muffin Panic!

Yesterday I told you about Sam getting his first place. This is Sam and his roommate, Kai, along with Maria, looking around their new living room. This photo did not turn out very well but I wanted to post it to document the moment as best I could. 
I remember another emotion that comes with a kid moving out. Panic! I briefly panicked, wondering what we've forgotten to teach him. I was wondering if he'd want one of my muffin pans. Then, I remembered that I had never taught him how to make muffins! Oh no! What if he wants to have a muffin party? What if he wakes up one morning and has a serious muffin craving? Oh no! Poor Sam! His mother has let him down!


Suddenly I remembered my Mom's sassy remark when I was about the same age Sam is now. I asked her why she hadn't taught me more about cooking. My Mom is a great cook and I suspect she actually enjoys it. She never made me do much of it during my years at home. I guess I didn't volunteer to do it either. When I asked her that question, though, she had a good answer. She said something like, "What do you mean? I taught you how to read and I gave you a cookbook!?"

Good point, Mom, good point. I guess Sam can probably make muffins if he wishes. In case I forget to tell him, though, I hope he reads this important message: USE PAPER MUFFIN CUPS AND SPRAY THEM WITH AN OIL SPRAY BEFORE FILLING THE CUPS WITH THE BATTER. There. Maybe now I can sleep tonight.

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