Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Day 2

You are going to love this idea!

One year, Maria took a round tin (vintage?) and turned it into a treasure for me.  I am sure a variety of containers could be used.  I loved this one.

 She filled it with 356 little slips of paper.

On each slip of paper was one of her childhood memories involving me.  How could she even think up that many memories?

Isn't that cool?  Each was folded in half just once.  It took restraint to read just one a day, but that made it a a gift to last all year.  Truthfully, it will last a lifetime.

After I read each one, I folded it accordion style, just so I could tell which I'd already read.  Of course I saved every single one.

It was so much fun to read through them.  Some of her memories were things I also remembered, but some were thoughts she had that I never even knew about at the time.  It was fun to read all those memories from her point of view.  I knew this took a lot of thought and time but oh my, what a treasure it was, and still is, for me!

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