Monday, January 09, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do

 Last night was family pizza night.  Maria, Eric and Cordelia (daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter) joined us.  I think we probably have the weirdest pizza order but when we call it in, the Pizza Hut people are polite and never laugh.  I always order 3 pizzas.  All are vegetarian.  One has only black olives on it but with the regular sauce and cheese.  The second pizza has no cheese for our vegan family members.  The last pizza has cheese but no sauce for our delicate-tummy family members.  Anyway, this post is not about pizza.

Mike and Eric went downstairs to watch football for awhile.  Cordelia was not pleased.  She wandered around upstairs chanting, "I ALWAYS want my Grandpa."  It is true.  She does always want her Grandpa.  He's a lot of fun for her.  This post isn't really about him, though.

Any of you who have children or have ever spent any time around children know that kids often mimic those behaviors of which you may not be so proud.  Last night was a good example of this.

Sam's bedroom is in the basement.  I am very, very lazy.  This combination has led to me using creative ways of calling him to supper.  I often text him.  Don't laugh!  It is a useful tool of communication.  However, it doesn't work if he's left his phone on silent, has his music playing or is asleep.  For those instances I have resorted to another method.  I just bend down to the heater vent in our dining room, which is directly over his bedroom, and loudly call his name.  Cordelia witnessed this last night.

After supper we were hanging out and Grandpa and Cordelia were playing a game where Grandpa hides a toy and Cordelia searches for it.  Grandpa hid a toy turtle and apparently Cordelia was feeling a bit lazy herself.  She went over to the heater vent in the living room and started calling out, "Turtle, where are you? Turtle, this is Cordy!"  She went on to describe what she was seeing with comments like, "This is the carpet."  Maria snapped this photo with her camera phone...

Do you have any cute stories of children mimicking you?

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