Friday, November 11, 2011

A Thank-You to the Veterans

It's Veteran's Day!

It's pretty easy to just slip on past this day if you've no direct involvement with a veteran, isn't it?  I know there have been years when I took very little note of it.  Shame on me!

I think of myself as a peaceful person.  I think war is a symptom of our broken world.  I hate it.  I hate that we even need our military. 

However, I am very grateful to our military, past and present.  I know there is evil in this world.  I know many citizens of this Earth do not enjoy the freedoms that I so easily take for granted and I know that I owe a lot of that to our strong military. 

(A.G. McLaughlin - my Grandpa Red)

So to all those who are currently protecting us and those who have protected us in the past, I say a simple but heartfelt thank-you.

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