Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Living Creatively

My birthday was last week and I received a wonderful bunch of sweet greetings, cards and gifts. I really am a spoiled woman! Thank you everyone! I received books, warming oils, a beautiful new purse, clothes and much more. I'm telling you, I am surrounded by caring and generous family and friends.

Cordelia made a card for me that I will treasure. On the front is her own special artwork and she dictated these words for her mom to write on the inside, "Dear Grandma, I love you! I know it's your birthday. That's all. This is Cordelia. I made a note for you. God's blessing is on you!"  (Are you smiling? Did an "Aaaaaaah" slip out?)

Do you remember this blog post? I spoke of putting aside a lot of the normal New Year's Resolutions and instead, resolving to live more creatively. Well... Maria (Miss Creativity Herself) did not forget that post. In fact, she told me she started working on one of my birthday gifts right then. She made me a "Creativity Kit". What a fun idea! I wanted to show you as maybe you are trying to come up with an unusual gift for someone.

She used a container that was pretty in itself. I think it may have been one of those that comes with a new set of sheets. I love those and always try to find a way to reuse them.

Inside the kit was a plethora of cool things! Here, take a peek...

Isn't that a fun assortment? She didn't stop there, though. She made up a little booklet with ideas to jump-start those creative juices. 

I'm thinking of it as something of an assignment booklet. I intend to share some of my "assignments" with you over the course of this year. This is going to be so fun!

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