Friday, July 20, 2012

How Does My Garden Grow?

I've seen quite a few blogs this summer showcasing beautiful vegetable gardens.  The photographs are so exquisite my mouth just waters over the lovely produce!

My Mom is a marvelous gardener.  She always has been.  She could poke and prod the most stubborn soil and end up with her own little Garden of Eden.  My daughter is very much like my Mom.  Her backyard is becoming more and more an oasis.

I've had lots of gardens.  Sometimes I've even managed to grow something edible.  Mostly my poor gardens have been loved and tenderly cared for.  Really! I get all excited choosing what I will grow and I love watching the first little beginnings of each plant.  There is such a mother earthy feel when growing a nice garden.

Then...  Apparently I get distracted.  I need a garden that takes just a week or two to produce food because my attention so quickly wanes.  Typically what happens is this.  I get busy for a few days and kind of forget to water my garden.  As it turns out, that is not good for gardens.  Then, I spend several days trying to revive shriveled plants.  Once that cycle starts there is no more mother earthy feeling.  There is just shame.  Then, I dread seeing those sad little plants so I avoid them.

This year is a bit different.  While it is true that I've let my garden get a bit dry a few times, I've so far managed to keep it alive.  I water it every evening, although I believe it would appreciate a drink twice a day.  I am seeing actual food growing!  It is not quite time for my big harvest but I am confident that I will make it to that point this summer!  Well, pretty confident.

Aren't you proud of me?  I'm so excited I've decided to post my own garden photos...or should I say, photo?  Tell me what you think of my vegetable garden.

Yes, that's it.  That tomato plant is my entire vegetable garden this year.  It sits right outside the backdoor so I see it every time I let the dog out.  So far so good!

Are you a gardener?  Do you love digging in the dirt?  How about all that weed-pulling?  Are you aware that too much gardening leads to even more work...  canning and freezing!?  


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