Saturday, March 23, 2013

Too Earthy!

The other day a patient, getting ready for a colonoscopy, was nervous that he might say something to embarrass himself when he woke up from anesthesia. That made me think about the things I'd heard patients say while under the influence.

After 9/11 do you remember that the news was always reporting on the tracking down of Osama bin Laden? There was talk that he was holed up in a cave somewhere at the time. Well, as one patient was waking up from his colonoscopy he asked, "Did you find Osama bin Laden in there? Get it? Dark cave...

Anyway, not to worry. Most of the time now a medication is used that allows a patient to focus and wake up with a clearer head. While patients appreciate this, I must say it took away some of my fun.

And speaking of colonoscopy fun...

Last time I had a colonoscopy I wore my Betty Boop socks. They have a picture of Betty Boop as a nurse. She is holding a syringe and it says, "Bottoms Up!" I thought it was appropriate for a colonoscopy day.

I can guarantee that as my husband reads today's post he is shaking his head and saying, "Too earthy!" He tells me that quite a bit. I think most nurses are pretty earthy. How about you? Are you earthy or are you more prim and proper?

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