Saturday, May 10, 2014

I Love That Old Tree

Do you remember me telling you about my tree? It is a sweet story of a grandfather who went above and beyond to make his grandchildren happy  I love the story of my tree.

Today Mike and I were in that town to take my Mom out for lunch.  Mike had not driven by my grandparent's house in a long time so we made a swing by. It no longer belongs to my grandparents as they've moved on to a more beautiful home in heaven. Still, it breaks our heart to see the house now, especially the yard. My grandparents took a lot of pride in their yard but it has now seen more than 3 years of neglect.

On this trip, I didn't look long at the house, but I did look across the alley to my tree. It, too, has seen better days. It was hit by lightening years ago. It has lived through a lot of harsh winters and hot summers. I could see new damage from the big storm that hit there last Fall. It is over 50 years old!

My tree carries the wounds of a lot of history. Yet, not many trees have been featured in so many photos over the years. Not many trees carry such a tale of love. My tree is not ugly now. My tree just has a lot of character. I still love that old tree!

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