Friday, May 18, 2012

Slow Mail and Lunch With a Cutie Pie

Yesterday I ran some errands and arrived back home just before lunch.   Someone had brought in the mail and laid it on the kitchen table.  I flipped through it and saw three or four that seemed to be cards for me.  I said, "Wow!  Did I have a birthday or something?"  I was perplexed as my birthday was in the dead of winter.

Before I had a chance to open the cards Sam told me what happened.  Apparently around the first of February Sam had brought mail in from the mailbox but instead of leaving it upstairs where I would find it, he'd taken it downstairs and there it stayed.  Yes, it was a pile of birthday cards for me!

I hope no one has been upset with me for not acknowledging their cards.  I must say, it was a fun thing to be opening them now!  Maria and Cordelia were here for lunch and I mentioned that they should all sing Happy Birthday to me but they did not.  Never mind.  Having them over is like a present anyway.  Just take a look at this sweet face!

I hope you are all having a lovely May.  

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