Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Baking With the Girls

Not long ago I had a fun afternoon with Cordelia and Elise. While Eric took Maria to the movies, the girls and I went to the Science Zone. 

Those of you who have followed Maria's blog, ,may remember that Elise broke her arm while at the Science Zone last Fall. They have not been there since, as Elise trembled just at the mention of the place.  But, Cordelia was begging to go and Elise decided she was ready as well. She said, "Grandma, I promise I will never break my arm again! ". How could I turn them down? 

They had such a good time! 

It is a simple little place in the basement of a furniture store but it is a fun place.

Later, we went tho their house and baked a very colorful cake.  The cake was for their Mom and they took it all very seriously. They wanted it to be beautiful for her.

They may have done some taste testing.

It was truly an artistic process. The sprinkles were a big hit.

They were quite proud of the results and then waited for their Mom to come home to be surprised.

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