Thursday, May 03, 2012

Spot On!

Last night Sam walked by just in time to see me in the kitchen doing this:

Sam is technically a teen but he is not and has never been one to act too excited.  He just quietly asked me if he should call the mental institution to come get me.  Funny guy.

In case you don't know, dish washing soap is a GREAT stain removal tool.  Normally I vouch for Dawn but for some reason I purchased Gain last time.  I hope it does the job as well.  You see, I'd not changed out of my scrubs after work and I'd dropped some of my supper down my front.  This is not unusual for me; I really should use a bib.  My scrubs are almost brand new, though, so I was unhappy and determined to take care of the situation pronto.

I suppose you may be wondering why I was still IN the top when I did my spot removal treatment.  Well, it's like this.  I am very lazy.  If I went to the bedroom to change and then came back to the kitchen to squirt the stuff on, I'd still have to return to the bedroom to put my scrub top into the laundry hamper.  See?  That makes good sense now, doesn't it?  

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