Friday, November 15, 2013

I've Told You a Thousand Times!

Well, today is the big day! I've hinted at it all week!

OK, it is not that big of a day, but it is big enough to me that I feel I should mention it...

It is my 1000th post!

What?! That's crazy! I would never have started out with a plan to write 1,000 posts.  That is like giving myself 1,000 assignments. I'm way too busy to do that! What was I thinking?

When I realized I was nearing my 1000th post I actually felt kind of upset with myself. You see, one of the biggies on my bucket list is to write a book. I've actually got it started but I really don't often work on it. Yet, I find time to write a daily post. Sometimes that takes just a few minutes of my time but often I mess around at it quite awhile. I've also written quite a few posts that I discarded before I actually published them. I told Mike it made me sad that I'd used up so many precious hours on my blog instead of working on my novel. Mike said the nicest thing. He said, "Maybe this is more important."  It was a surprising comment but maybe he is right. It made me try to think of reasons my blogging may be worth the time I've spent on it.

1)  I documented bits of our family's life. I'm not very good at journalling and I do not keep up with our photo albums very well. Maybe this makes up for it a bit?

2) I get to show off photos of our beautiful grandchildren. That may seem pretty self-serving, but those girls have other relatives who live out of town and I know a couple of them look for those photos nearly every day.

3) Maybe someone read one of my efforts to inform regarding medical conditions. Perhaps someone I don't even know, after reading my blog, decided to get a life-saving colonoscopy. Maybe that didn't happen but maybe it did.

4) I've made new friends through my blog. Really! It takes the whole penpal idea to an entirely new level. 

5) It makes me exercise my brain a bit. Sometimes (often) I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to post about but I just start messing around and something comes out. At other times I see or hear something that makes me start mentally writing future blogs.

6) I've become much more interested in taking photographs. That leads me to seeing more beauty in my day. Really. I find myself "framing" visions as though I would photograph them, even when I don't have a camera with me.

7) The most important thing I try to do with my blog is to share my faith. I realize a lot of religions are not about evangelizing but Christianity is very much about sharing. When you are a part of something that brings such order and peace in the midst of such a chaotic world, why wouldn't you want to share it?

8) I look busy when I am writing a post. It gets me out of housework for a bit.

I don't write this blog because my life is so fascinating. I am fortunate enough to lead a pretty calm life. Many people have more interesting things happening in their lives. Many have deeper thoughts or more entertaining ways of expressing their ideas. I know this. I'm grateful, though, that blogging is available to all of us. All you need is internet access.  Oh, that just made me think of important reason #9!

9) I can encourage others to blog! You don't have to do it every day and you don't even have to tell anyone about it. If interested, just go to and follow the instructions to get started.

You, too, could have many mornings that start like this...

See what I did there? I shared my faith with a photograph. 

It seems weird to stop with 9 reasons so let me think of a 10th....thinking...thinking... oh yeah!

10) It is fun!

So, to celebrate, I will do a little more of #2 before I close and get on with my day.  Enjoy!

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