Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Born in Heaven

 A while back I talked about the babies we lost through miscarriage. I spoke of the babies my mother lost. I directed you to our daughter's blog, where she spoke of the babies she and her husband lost as well.  We spoke of the pain that doesn't go away. A person doesn't get over such a loss, but rather learns how to adapt to it, how to manage it.

Recently I was talking with a friend at work. The discussion of miscarriage came up. We sometimes have patients come to our facility for a D & C.  This is a procedure that cleans out the womb when a baby dies but is not expelled. When assigned to such a patient, I try to find a way to allow them to speak of their grief if they wish. Some really don't want to talk about it, or maybe don't want to speak of it to a stranger. Maybe they already have a good supply of people who can assist them through it. Sometimes, though, the young mother is just so grateful for someone to acknowledge her loss.

Anyway, as my friend and I spoke, I found that she also believed that miscarried babies, even those that died early in pregnancy, are real souls...souls we will meet in heaven.  My friend then said something I'd not considered before. She spoke of miscarried babies as babies "born in heaven". Oh, how I loved that phrase! It brought me comfort to think of those babies as being delivered right into heaven! That has to be a lot more grand than being born into this troubled world. Just picture it...born right into heaven!

I just wanted to share that thought. It brought me comfort. Maybe someone reading this needs such comfort as well.

This photo doesn't  have much to do with this post except that it is of our daughter, 
mother of four children, two who were born in heaven.

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