Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mall Lunch

Recently our son, Ben, called to chat.  I love it when he calls as he lives far away and I get lonely for him.  When he asked what I'd been up to I told him I'd just returned from Mall Lunch.  He claims that I've always just returned from Mall Lunch.  That's not true but we do, as a family, attempt to meet at the mall for lunch about once a week.  Is that weird?

Wyoming has long winters.  This hasn't been a bad winter at all, but it just isn't good picnic weather.  In fact, even when it is warm here it is sometimes difficult to find a good picnic day because it is often windy.  Anyway, somewhere along the way we started going to the mall.  None of us are really big shopping kind of people.  It's funny, though, to take Cordelia somewhere makes everything more fun!

Usually Maria, Cordy and I are the first to arrive.  Sometimes we let Cordelia play at the indoor playground (AKA germ pit).  Sometimes we wander through Bath and Body Works to "smell stuff".  We also frequently find ourselves at Target looking at pretty little dresses for Cordelia.  She prefers the twirly kind.  If you are female, you know what I mean by that!

Eventually, we head toward the Food Court and watch for the arrival of Mike and Sam.  We all get our lunches from the fast food of choice and meet around a table for lively conversation as we fill our bellies.

We've also carried our people-watching skills to a new level.  Maria and I started noticing one lady who is almost ALWAYS there. She is always alone and very quiet.  Even when I attempt to say hello to her it seems to make her uncomfortable.  That's OK.  We still look for her each week.  We've even given her a name.  I suppose you think that is weird, too?

After lunch we wander around a bit and look for little adventures for Cordelia.  Grandpa often leads the parade for this part of the day.  Often they head toward the pet store.  I forbid myself from visiting the puppies with them.  I have a good reason for that but I covered that in another post.  Sometimes we wander through campers that are on display or visit the little arcade room.  Our mall is not too big but we always manage to have a good time.  Do you suppose it is just because we enjoy being together?


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