Friday, January 25, 2013

Lunch and a Photo Shoot

Yesterday I invited Maria and her girls over for lunch and a photo shoot. I had a few new items for Wyoming Rose Boutique and I'd imagined Maria modeling outside for me while I shot glorious photographs.

Well, mother nature had another plan. We had horrible winds so shooting outside became a bad idea. Well, no problem. We managed. Maria was a great sport, very patient with me and my camera. I shot a great deal of photographs with a big smear on my lens so many of my photos had to be thrown out. I was able to save some, though.

Isn't she beautiful? Thanks. I grew her myself.  

In between taking photos of Maria, while she was changing, I entertained myself taking photos of the little girls as well. Of course, I will share them with you...

We set Cordy up to watch Ruby Gloom on Netflix.

 She may have been a bit tired.

Elise wanted to show me her sitting up skills...

 ...and play with her toys.

And, as you can see, Eric provided his second daughter with lovely lashes as well.
Thanks, Eric.

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