Thursday, March 14, 2013

Help! I Can't Stop Pinning!

I'd like to write a thoughtful and earnest post about something intellectual and fascinating. It would make me feel cerebral if I could offer some deep insights. Maybe I could toss in some brilliant humor as well. That would be a great blog post, don't you think?

Well, too bad.

I'm much too busy on Pinterest right now. I couldn't possibly take myself away from all the "pins" leading me to useful websites. I'm learning things such as how to make houses for goats and ideas on making centerpieces out of gumballs and such.  After that maybe I just want to keep looking at photos of German Castles. Here's a cool one... art out of sticks. Actually, I thought that would be a dumb link but they have some pretty neat things. Look at this!

Yes, I'm sorry but I am simply too busy right now to write a blog post.  

P.S. If you are also addicted to Pinterest, feel free to follow onlythemanager.

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