Friday, April 22, 2016

Hula hooping in Wal-Mart

Yes, we apparently have the kind of family that hula hoops in Wal-Mart. 

Not just that, but our daughter-in-law, Sara, kept hula hooping even when her husband tossed bananas to her... Well, for a bit anyway.

That's all. I have no explanations to offer.

Sandals on the Frozen Tundra

We are all enjoying a visit from Sara and Ben. Since they live on the East Coast, it is a big deal to have them in Wyoming.

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Wyoming, sunny and warm. Considering that it snowed on the weekend, sandal weather was appreciated.

After dinner last night, we went for a little hike to the waterfall that is only about 5 minutes from town. As it turned out, it was still winter there! 

That did NOT stop Ben from enjoying himself! 

Although I bet his feet were cold! 

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