Saturday, July 26, 2014

Andy Mason - How to Make a Burrito

Andy Mason is a talented international singer/songwriter who spends most of his time entertaining children. Do you know how hard it is to find great musical entertainment for children?

Andy is a friend to our daughter and her husband, Eric and Maria. In fact, he sang at their wedding reception. I was just thinking about his music and thought maybe you should see this video. Not only does it feature Andy's fun songwriting skills and voice, the video itself was done by Maria and Eric. It features Cordelia as a baby and I think those are our son, Sam's, hands making the burrito.

Do you have any children in your life? Perhaps you sometimes have a hard time finding gifts for them that are fun and different. Consider one of Andy's DVD's or CD's. Visit his website here.  In case you are wondering, NO, this is not a paid commercial. Andy doesn't know I am posting about him today. I just felt like it because I like my readers and I thought you could use some fun.

Here's another sampling.  Enjoy!

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