Friday, March 16, 2012

A Wyoming Woman's Thoughts: Families, Genetics, and Me

This is my Aunt Michelle's blog debut and you are invited...

A Wyoming Woman's Thoughts: Families, Genetics, and Me: I've been working on a Family History scrapbook/photo album and it has made me think about all the people that went into making me. That sou...

Be Still and know: mpola mpola

Be Still and know: mpola mpola  I love this blog and this post.  I think you will as well.

Comments About Commenting

I want to address a problem some people have been having with my blog.  For some reason, there are people who can't leave comments for us all to read.  A few have told me that was the case for them even before I changed formats.  I've double-checked and I have it set up for anyone to comment so I'm not sure where that glitch is occurring.  However, I do know that a few may be having trouble figuring out how to comment since I switched formats.  I know this because I had trouble figuring out how to comment back!

So, here's the deal...

Of course you first have to click on one of the little windows to read a post.  I've noticed that sometimes it takes a try or two to get it to open up.  I don't know why.

Once a post is opened, it looks like this...

Do you see the little slide bar on the right side?

Use that to go to the bottom of the post.  Now you can see where to click to view comments.

The trouble is, when you click that it seems that nothing happens.  I expected to see comments at that point. Finally, I noticed that when I clicked "view comments" that little skinny slide bar moved upward.

I then had an ah-ha moment.  If you just slide that little bar down again, you can see the comments as well as add one of your own. 

Again, I am aware that it isn't working for everyone.  So, if that doesn't work, you may send a comment to my e-mail ( and I will add it for you.  I know, that's a lot of trouble.  I will also keep trying to figure out the problem.  Until I do, though, I hate to miss the interaction!

Ok, that's all the comments I have about commenting.  
Any comments?

One last thing... if you are someone who has never blogged but would like to, check out this link.  It is easy to get started!  (This means YOU, Michelle!)

Wyoming Rose - Vintage Oval Earrings

Today I am featuring one of our vintage finds.  Maria and I are often out hunting for the quaint, the delightful, the beautiful or the fun.  Cordelia is our apprentice!

These Vintage Oval Earrings are really pretty.  Maria spotted them with her artistic eye.  She has good instincts, doesn't she?

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