Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Plant That Keeps on Giving

About 20 some years ago I received a slip from my Grandma Rose's dieffenbachia plant. Grandma Rose had a wonderfully green thumb and her house had lots and lots of plants in it. The dieffenbachia seemed like the queen of them all. She'd grow to the ceiling and Grandma would cut off pieces and give them away. That plant grew an inch or two a day...or something like that.

When we moved from Montana to Southern New Mexico in 1995, we knew we were in for a cozy drive. We had a Ford Taurus packed with 2 adults, an almost 10 year old boy, a just-turned 14 year old girl and a 21 month old Sam. Throw in 2 frightened cats, no, make that 1 frightened cat and 1 psycho cat. Did you know it is hard to walk cats to go potty when you are on a trip? So, in our trunk we had to make room for a litter box. I have no idea how we brought any clothing along but I'm sure we did.


I think you can understand why I had to give my dieffenbachia away. There was no place to set it in our car! I gave it to a good home, though. I gave it to my friend, Joey. I knew she would nurture  it.

Fast forward about 9 years. We moved back North, this time to Wyoming. Within that first year here, Joey came to Wyoming with a present for me... a cut from Grandma Rose's plant! I had not thought of it in some time but Joey remembered that it was from Grandma so she made a point of returning some of it to me.

This morning I was looking at the latest slip I cut from that plant. It is in water near a kitchen window and the morning light on it made me happy. It gave me happiness to think of this connection to Grandma Rose. It also gave me joy to have had a friend like Joey who knew how much I'd appreciate this returned gift.

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