Thursday, December 05, 2013

Reflections on Reflecting


 I just have to tell you all about something! Remember yesterday's post about being the light and I said I was just hoping to be a reflector for the light of Jesus? Well, guess what happened.

I was working with my very first patient of the day yesterday. She noticed my cross necklace as I was starting her IV and she asked me if I was a Christian.

I said that I was a Christian and we talked a bit more. I told her, then, that I tried to always wear a cross necklace to work so that if someone wanted me to pray with them or something, they would know that I was a Christian. Then she said to me, "You wouldn't have to wear a cross. Your light shines."

I think I may have gasped or made some sort of funny sound! Given what I just posted that morning, I was so excited to hear her say that!

I almost fell of my little spinny stool!

I can guarantee that there were many moments this week when I did not do a very good job of being a reflector of Jesus' light. (I only tell you the good things, you know.) The timing of that particular comment, though, really made me smile. I kind of felt like it maybe made God smile as well.

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