Thursday, April 03, 2014

Socks, Mullets and Mittens

Here are the deep thoughts I was having this morning, all involving fashion. Yes, that's right. I've been using precious brain time considering fashion. These are deep, deep thoughts people.

First of all, what is so bad about socks with sandals? Yes, I know you are supposed to make fun of people when they do that. I realize it is a major, major fashion mistake to pair socks with sandals. However, sometimes it would be the smart thing to do. For instance, you may start your day off in cool weather and those socks would be just what your little toesies needed. By mid-day, all you have to do when it gets hot outside, you just remove socks and once again, you are comfortable. It seems much more sensible than having to choose between packing extra shoes or being uncomfortable part of the day.

I have a confession. Once, when Mike & I were on vacation in St. Louis, I was wearing sandals all over town and I ended up with blisters. My sandals were the most comfortable choice for all the walking we were doing, so I wore socks with my sandals. Well, I reasoned that I knew no one there but Mike, and he wouldn't care. I'm not sure he would've even known that was a fashion no-no. Before leaving on that trip I sprayed on a tan and tried dying my hair red (for the St. Louis Cardinals). What does that have to do with this topic you ask? Well, the red in my hair dripped out whenever I got wet. The spray tan was smearing and streaky. I already looked pretty awful so who would notice a little pair of socks? Anyway, my feet were very happy from then on... so there!

Second, what is so bad about a mullet anyway? Could there be a more versatile hairstyle? It would really be ideal for someone like me. When my hair is long, I think I want short hair. When my hair is short, I want long hair. With a mullet, I'd always have my way! Also, in windy Wyoming, I could have the fun of feeling hair down my back (it is a wonderful feeling...sorry if you've never had that) without the front blowing all in my face. Just think about it before you judge someone wearing a mullet next time.

Of course, I'm only kidding about all of this... or am I?

And last, let's talk a bit more about the sock situation. I have a lot of nice socks, fun socks, really. A friend once gave me a pair of Betty Boop socks that featured a nurse holding a syringe and saying, "Bottoms up!" I once wore them when I went in for a colonoscopy. Get it? Bottoms up?  OK, let's move on. That wasn't really what I was thinking about.

Socks... knee socks in particular... This morning I wanted to wear these cool socks with my pants and my orange sweater.

But guess what? With my pant leg down, no one could have even seen the orange so they'd just be left wondering why I was wearing pink socks with my orange sweater. So, I was thinking... why can't adult women wear knee high socks with their dresses? I have lots of fun pairs of them and no one gets to enjoy them. I'm sure they'd be interesting conversation starters, don't you?

Also, after a winter of always looking for my gloves or mittens, I'm wondering why adults don't keep them on strings through their sleeves like we used to do for little kids? Sure, little kids might get caught on the strings and choke, but we're grown-ups. We could handle that, couldn't we?

So, there you have it. My deep thoughts are now your's as well. I'm wondering which of these fashion ideas you'd most like to see be made acceptable? Let's take a poll to find out. I've put the poll up on the side of my post. I've never done a poll before so I hope someone will play along. You have until tomorrow evening to let your voice be heard! Look up toward the top on the right hand side for the "ballot sheet".

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