Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Anniversary Road Trip

Mike and I enjoyed ourselves Saturday .  We took a road trip as we celebrated our anniversary,  There is still a lot of Wyoming that we have not seen.  This trip was to Saratoga.

We made some friends along the way.

Bode came along.  We walked  him many times. He is not a natural boy dog, though; He hates to potty away from  home.  Isn't that weird?  We were gone for nearly 9 hours but he declined to relieve himself until we returned home.  We even had him look at a lot of water; that didn't do it.

We enjoyed a nice lunch at a restaurant/hotel that is on the National Registry for Historic Places.  We walked around downtown a bit but it didn't take too long.

We noted that Wyoming has a lot of space without people.  

We like that.

 A storm was trying to build but not much came of it, at least not that we could see.

I love road trips with Mike.

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